Old World Union

The Old World is a name for three continents, one in the northwest, one in the southwest and one in the east, which are connected over landbridges. The Old World Union is an alliance of monarchies from this continents, and every monarchistic member is wel
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Laeria and Vold


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PostSubject: Instructions   Wed Dec 26, 2012 1:26 am

Step 1 - Register - Please use Flag as avatar pic and use the name of your country (without the title) as your username
Step 1/2: - Check your e-mail inbox and spam for the activation e-mail. If you didnt get an e-mail, I will activate you myself. I will try to do this a number of ties a day.
Step 2 - Go to PROFILE (top middle) > Country Info (top right) and fill in. Use this: To find out your population
Step 3 - Create your country's ID page in COUNTRY SITES

And enjoy this game Very Happy

When more people are on-line, I will delete this.
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