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The Old World is a name for three continents, one in the northwest, one in the southwest and one in the east, which are connected over landbridges. The Old World Union is an alliance of monarchies from this continents, and every monarchistic member is wel
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 Kingdom of Rhine States (Königreich Rheinstaaten)

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Kingdom of Rhine States (Königreich Rheinstaaten) Empty
PostSubject: Kingdom of Rhine States (Königreich Rheinstaaten)   Kingdom of Rhine States (Königreich Rheinstaaten) EmptyTue Mar 12, 2013 2:16 pm

A subnation of Vorshka

Kingdom of Rhine States (Königreich Rheinstaaten) 99324410

Kingdom of Rhine States (Königreich Rheinstaaten)

Lying in the very west of continental Ureupo is the home of the West Germans of OWU,the Kingdom of Rhine States,created after the Great Unification Wars of 1867-1899 and the crownment of Friederich IV of Holsenburg as King of the Rhinelanders by the Pope Jonahan IX on the Christmas Day of year 1899.

Modern day Rhine Stattes enjoys a decent standar of living.It's population of 63 million are mainly working either in agriculture or in the many coal factories of the river Rhine,the natural border of the Kingdom which is expressed through the Kingdom's anthem Die Wacht am Rhein.

The Kingdom has been isolated for the past 50 years bu after the crownment of Prince Willhelm I as King of the Rhinelanders,this has started to change.The Kingdom is now opening it's borders to investements while having an agressive foreign policy.
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Kingdom of Rhine States (Königreich Rheinstaaten)
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