Old World Union

The Old World is a name for three continents, one in the northwest, one in the southwest and one in the east, which are connected over landbridges. The Old World Union is an alliance of monarchies from this continents, and every monarchistic member is wel
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 1. Introduction

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Laeria and Vold

Laeria and Vold

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1. Introduction Laeriaandvoldhighcomman1. Introduction Stripesp
The United Kingdom of Laeria and Vold
Royal High Military Command


1. Introduction Laerianmarineandvoldaer
Laerian Marine and Vold Aeronautics Corp. group


The Laerian Marine and Vold Aeronautics Corporation is a government owned company which holds the majority of domestic naval and aeronautic market contrary to their complete youth on the market. The company is composed of two major pillars: The Laerian Marine corporation and The Vold Aeronautic Corporation. Each of these is a conglomerate of smaller companies, from companies concentrating on mining and smelting to companies assembling together the final product and all working together under the main director board.


Our current offer is limited due to the company only taking it's first baby steps but we hope to expand soon. We will offer a variety of naval and aeronautical vehicles in the two company e-shops which can be visited here:

An order form is available in the "Ordering instructions" lower down the page. We aslo offer a number of discounts, the criteria for which can be found lower in the "Special discounts". We would lastly ask you to read the "Sale restrictions" to see weather your nation is not ineligible for sale.


Most nations are fully eligible for puchasing our producs but we have a number of restrictions set in plase to stop our weapons getting into the wrong* hands:

A. Under no circumstances will we sell weapons nations or groups:
ooooI. Classified as COMMUNIST
ooooII. Classified as ANTI-MONARCHIST
ooooIII. At war, threatening war, provoking or supporting revolts or terrorist attacks on:
oooooooooooo1. The United Kingdom of Laeria and Vold
oooooooooooo2. Any member of the C.R.O.W.N. confederation
oooooooooooo3. Any other ally of The United Kingdom of Laeria and Vold
B. We may decide not to sell weapons to nations or groups:
ooooI. Rebelling against another nation unless:
oooooooooooo1. They are monarchist rebels seeking to replace the current government with a monarchy
oooooooooooo2. They are rebels seeking to replace a communist government
ooooII. Nations under an embargo issued by:
oooooooooooo1. The United Kingdom of Laeria and Vold
oooooooooooo2. The C.R.O.W.N. confederacy
oooooooooooo3. Any other ally of The United Kingdom of Laeria and Vold
oooooooooooo4. Any economical partner of The United Kingdom of Laeria and Vold

*Any nation deemed so by our foreign office.

If you are unsure if you fall into any of theese categories, please contact us at our Information page


Please Fill in this ordering form and paste it into the Customer services :

1. Name of nation
2. Products you wish to purchase
3. A link to your nation page on this calculator.

Please don't forget to convert your army/navy/air force budget into NS$ (NationStates Dollars) using the ratio labelled "Exchange Rate:"


I. C.R.O.W.N. members are entitled to a 40% discount on their purchase
II. Allies are entitled to a 20% discount
III. Old World Union members are entitled to a 10% discount
IV. Any monarchies are entitled to a 5% discount.

Discounts are NOT combinable!

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1. Introduction
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